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Secularism is hostile to state religion, not religion

23 Feb 2012

Separation of church and state is a basic democratic demand bitterly resisted by the British establishment, writes Eddie Ford

Islamists courted by imperialists

19 Jan 2012

The Muslim Brotherhood has shown itself to be the biggest political force. Meanwhile the left is under attack. Yassamine Mather gives her impressions following a recent visit to Egypt

Cameron in the court of King James

22 Dec 2011

The prime minister's speech on the King James Bible ticks every reactionary box going, argues James Turley

Waking the dead

03 Nov 2011

A Tory MEP has attracted derision for his loopy beliefs in the paranormal - but he is merely the tip of an iceberg of absurd mumbo-jumbo, argues James Turley

Dignity in life and death

23 Jun 2011

The desire to end your life as a fully sentient being is a perfectly honourable and legitimate one. Eddie Ford argues for the 'right to die'

The sigh of the oppressed - part 2

26 May 2011

Jack Conrad continues his examination of Marx and Engels and their criticism of passive materialism, theological atheism and religion

The sigh of the oppressed - part 1

26 May 2011

Jack Conrad examines Marx and Engels and their criticism of passive materialism, theological atheism and religion

The religious right and genocide

03 Feb 2011

Tony Greenstein looks at sections of Israel's orthodox rabbinate and makes a less than flattering comparison

Disorientated establishment promotes Popemania

23 Sep 2010

Mike Macnair examines the results of Ratzinger's visit

No to crude anti-Catholicism

16 Sep 2010

Once on the outside, the Catholic church is now part of the British establishment. Eddie Ford looks at the relevance of the papal visit

Freedom to choose emancipation and dress

05 Aug 2010

To force a woman to remove her veil is just as subjugating as forcing her to cover up. Peter Manson replies to left and right criticisms

Holy water consecrates Cameron's big society

05 Aug 2010

The coalition government's programme of cuts has in effect been blessed by a whole range of Christian denominations and groups, reports Eddie Ford

Women bishops and secularism

22 Jul 2010

Jim Gilbert examines the Anglican hierarchy's hypocrisy

Church on the ropes

01 Apr 2010

Pope Benedict XVI claims he is being targeted by a malicious smear campaign. Anne Mc Shane disagrees. The Catholic church is guilty of a criminal cover-up when it comes to child abuse

Pope's Irish child abuse letter met with walkouts

25 Mar 2010

Anne Mc Shane argues that Ireland needs not less but more secularism. The clerical state must go