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The inferno erupts

02 Mar 2017

The struggle for women’s liberation cannot be left to the feminists. The Russian Revolution shows that women’s liberation and the struggle for socialism are inseparable, argues Anne McShane

Taking an independent stand

26 Jan 2017

The election of Donald Trump has torn up the political rulebook - a reality that protestors must confront, argues Jim Grant

Criticise, don’t boycott

27 Oct 2016

Some on the left still want to boycott the Socialist Workers Party - and they are still wrong, argues Paul Demarty

Skewered by moralism

15 Sep 2016

An old-fashioned tabloid scandal? Harley Filben looks at the Keith Vaz affair

Pseudo-secularism on the beach

01 Sep 2016

The petty cruelty of the French burqini bans stems from an elite looking for scapegoats, writes Paul Demarty

Voting for the right lizard

04 Aug 2016

Who’s afraid of president Trump? Not Paul Demarty

An old rhythm

14 Jul 2016

With the huge rise in xenophobic attacks and the role of motherhood in the Conservative leadership race, Commissaress argues that the past has come back with a vengeance

Life in the bubble

26 May 2016

Paul Demarty argues that the growing culture of brittle denunciations only hurts the left

Incorporation and commercialisation

02 Jul 2015

The annual Pride march was symptomatic of a divided LGBT movement, reports Daniel Harvey

The Goldsmiths ideology

28 May 2015

The rightwing press campaign against Bahar Mustafa puts the parlous state of student politics under the spotlight, writes Paul Demarty

A gay day for equality

28 May 2015

Anne McShane celebrates the defeat of the Catholic church and calls for the battle for democracy to include the aim of socialism

Humans, nature and dialectics

07 May 2015

Sadly Marxism must be defended against some who claim to be Marxists, or at least sympathetic to Marxism. Jack Conrad shows that this is especially the case when it comes to attacks on Frederick Engels and his work on the dialectics of nature

Headlong into a trap

09 Apr 2015

After Socialist Resistance’s bungled intervention into transgender politics, Paul Demarty calls for serious debate - not trolling and trigger warnings

Against feminism, for the working class

05 Mar 2015

Geraldine Duffy writes for International Women's Day in March 1985

The beginning of new unionism

20 Nov 2014

Louise Raw Striking a light: the Bryant and May match women and their place in history Bloomsbury Publishing, 2011, pp300, £17.99