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Women's rights, political islam and secularism

04 Dec 2003

Radical Iranian writer Chahla Chafiq shared a platform with Salma Yaqoob at last month's European Social Forum. The two sharply disagreed over the role of islam in politics. Afterwards she spoke to Peter Manson

Finding common political ground

27 Nov 2003

Tina Becker spoke to Salma Yaqoob at the European Social Forum in Paris

Combating religious hatred and chauvinism

20 Nov 2003

On Saturday November 8, Awaaz South Asia Watch held its first conference in Camden Town Hall. This activist organisation was set up in the wake of last yearÂ’s Gujarat state-inspired pogroms against muslims in western India.

Karl Marx and religion - part 4

29 Mar 2001

In the last of a series of articles, Michael Malkin outlines the attitude of communists to believers

Karl Marx and religion, part three

01 Mar 2001

Karl Marx and religion - part two

01 Feb 2001

Michael Malkin discusses Marx's critique of religion in the early 1840s


21 Dec 2000

Christianity and the decline of Rome

Karl Marx and religion

21 Dec 2000

James and the genesis of Christianity

13 Jan 2000