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Methods of social control

08 Jan 2015

In the age of ‘colour-blindness’, what accounts for the targeting of blacks by police? Jim Creegan critiques a recent influential book

The cauldron boils over

18 Dec 2014

Racial repression has provoked mass protest. Jim Creegan responds to the two high-profile killings by the US police

Clarkson: Beyond the pale

22 May 2014

Uproar over Jeremy Clarkson’s use of the ‘n-word’, writes Eddie Ford, demonstrates yet again how the bourgeoisie has appropriated anti-racism

Border controls: Reactionary by nature

04 Apr 2014

The issue of open borders has provoked some controversy in the WW letters page. This motion from the Stuttgart Congress of 1907 is part of the proud history of our movement on this question

IS Network: Self-flagellation and the ‘kinky split’

13 Feb 2014

Charlie Winstanley was recently commissioned by the Anti-Capitalist Initiative to write this article. However, the piece split the editorial group and it was deemed too sensitive to publish

Art: Postmodernism, fetishism and Marxism

06 Feb 2014

Libertarianism is no substitute for a Marxist critique, writes Rex Dunn, as the ‘racist chair’ controversy continues to rage

ISNetwork: Bondage and bigotry

30 Jan 2014

The International Socialist Network has split - over a work of art. Paul Demarty is bemused

Across nations and issues

31 Oct 2013

As Black History Month closes, Mike Belbin argues that black feminist communist Claudia Jones (1915-64) is only too relevant to today

Daily Mail: Fear of everything

10 Oct 2013

After its latest brush with notoriety, Paul Demarty examines the Daily Mail

Daily Mail: Patriotism and the sins of the father

10 Oct 2013

Communists hate the Daily Mail even more than Ed Miliband, writes Eddie Ford, but reject Leveson and any moves towards state regulation of the press

Oppression and opportunism

18 Jul 2013

Peter Manson looks at questions of race, sex and nation raised by SWP speakers at Marxism

Anti-Semitism: Churchill and the Jewish question

30 May 2013

Paul Flewers replies to Eddie Ford

Tarantino and Spielberg reviews: Abolition and emancipation

21 Feb 2013

Mike Belbin reviews: Steven Spielberg (director) Lincoln, Quentin Tarantino (director) Django unchained

Football through the looking glass

19 Jul 2012

The John Terry racism trial has made for a sorrier spectacle than the average England match, writes Harley Filben

Antifa, nationalism and democracy

26 Apr 2012

Maciej Zurowski interviews Freerk Huisken - until his recent retirement a lecturer at the University of Bremen - about his new book