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Programme: the test of 1917

15 Feb 2001

CWI crisis

08 Feb 2001

Changing the world A comrade from the Militant tradition reflects on the parting of the ways

Rescuing Lenin and Trotsky from 'Trotskyism'

08 Feb 2001

For the first time since 1920 there is the distinct chance of uniting all serious revolutionaries in Britain in a single organisation and thereby starting the historically necessary process of building a viable mass working class party. The CPGB is absolutely clear, however, that as an aim we are against any and all centrist halfway houses, attempts to revive old Labourism, an artificial Labour Representation Committee, etc.

Taaffe's hypocrisy

01 Feb 2001

Socialist Alliance

01 Feb 2001

Programme and the misreading of history

Party and programme

25 Jan 2001

Paul Le Blanc - Lenin and the revolutionary party - Humanities Press, 1993, pp417

Towards a common Socialist Alliance programme

25 Jan 2001

A discussion contribution submitted by the Communist Party of Great Britain

Which way for SWP?

30 Nov 2000

The Socialist Workers Party published only two pre-conference bulletins this year, containing just 21 contributions from rank and file members. We reproduce two of these, featuring that rarity for the SWP - members engaged in polemic with one another Once more on programme

SWP conference

30 Nov 2000

Missing ingredients A Socialist Workers Party member reflects on this year's gathering

Growing cancer of reformism

30 Nov 2000

Humour has long been used as a political weapon. We have received the following polemical document under the title 'Statement of the International Socialist Movement minority faction'

US presidential elections

23 Nov 2000

Constitutional crisis cries out for clear programme

From poll tax glory to sectarian oblivion

02 Nov 2000

Why has the Socialist Party in England and Wales lost 95% of its membership? Why has Scotland declared UDI and the Liverpool organisation liquidated itself? Why is the SP behaving in such an irrational and self-destructive manner towards the Socialist Alliance? Harry Paterson, who is currently appealing against his expulsion from the Socialist Party, looks at the reasons behind the SP's crisis

Tactic or strategy

12 Oct 2000

Notes of the May 3 meeting between the CPGB and the Alliance for Workers' Liberty, which continued our discussion on 'tradition' and the 'official communist' movement. Martin Thomas (MT) and Paul Hampton (PH) represented the AWL, while Mark Fischer (MF) and John Bridge (JB) spoke for the CPGB

'Official communist' opposition

12 Oct 2000

Pathology of 'revolutionary' reformism

Theoretically disabled polemic

14 Sep 2000

Peter Taaffe Cuba - socialism and democracy CWI Publications, London 2000, pp124, £4.99