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Wanted - an anti-capitalist transitional programme

11 Dec 2003

In the light of the electoral agreement struck between Lutte Ouvrière and the Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire, Emile Fabrol of Gauche Communiste (a revolutionary faction within the Parti Communiste Franà§ais) examines the possibilities for left unity in France following the mass strikes of May-June 2003

Declaration launched

11 Dec 2003

Respect: draft declaration matches the pig of a name

R for republicanism

11 Dec 2003

Dave Craig urges respect for republicanism

What's in a name?

04 Dec 2003

Mike Macnair takes issue with Dave Craig on republicanism. Dave Craig’s article, ‘Republican slogans and the CPGB’, which shows a remarkable lack of understanding of the arguments CPGB comrades have been putting forward

Grand coalitions

27 Nov 2003

Party notes

Smoke and mirrors

27 Nov 2003

Discussions regarding the proposed ‘unity coalition’ dominated the meeting of the Socialist Alliance executive committee, held in London on November 22.

Republican slogans and the CPGB

20 Nov 2003

Socialist Alliance: I claimed in a previous article that the CPGB was ducking the question of republican slogans in its intervention in the Socialist Alliance

But is the platform republican?

12 Nov 2003

The Socialist Alliance minority that gathered for Saturday's meeting is by no means as united as the debates and votes appeared to show. Steve Freeman was there

End the left's disunity

12 Nov 2003

Tina Becker highlights the main issues facing the ESF in Paris

Democrats form platform

12 Nov 2003

Some 30 people - varying over the course of the day - met in Birmingham on Saturday November 8 to form a Democracy platform in the Socialist Alliance. Mike Macnair reports

In the full glare of secrecy

06 Nov 2003

Amidst little fanfare and some secrecy, Welsh assembly member John Marek will formally launch a new party in Wrexham on Saturday November 8. Cameron Richards reports

Communist Party ducks the question

06 Nov 2003

The SA's 2001 general election manifesto, People before profit, is a republican socialist programme, argues the RDG's Dave Craig. Militant republicanism should be the basis of the alliance's opposition pro-party democracy platform

At the crossroads

30 Oct 2003

Sooner or later the Socialist Workers Party faces a choice between strategically counterposed perspectives which have developed within the ranks of its leadership, argues Mike Macnair

Alliance or party?

30 Oct 2003

Phil Kent reports about the school organised byt the newspaper 'Resistance'

Democracy not 'justice'

23 Oct 2003

Do Salma Yaqoob's and George Monbiot's 'Principles of unity' provide a solid basis for a common political programme? Mike Macnair thinks not