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At the races

23 Mar 2017

Robbie Rix welcomes a bumper week

Spot on

16 Mar 2017

The Paypal button is spot on for making donations, says Robbie Rix

Just as good!

09 Mar 2017

Money from marches, subs, or donations: Robbi Rix says it is all just as good

Month to remember

02 Mar 2017

Worth chipping in for

23 Feb 2017

Extra boost urgently needed

16 Feb 2017

Robbie Rix needs you to make the shortest month a big success

Chipping in

09 Feb 2017

Great effort

02 Feb 2017

Robbie Rix wants the shortest month of the year to pay dividends, so help out

Not faltering

26 Jan 2017

Robbie Rix thanks the readers who gave our fund some momentum

Foot down

19 Jan 2017

Robbie Rix wants you to take the wheel and step on the gas

With a flourish

12 Jan 2017

Robbie Rix was pleased to see extra cash in the Christmas stocking, but the Weekly Worker needs that every month

Think and rethink

22 Dec 2016

Gifts of gold are still what we need this Christmas, says Robbie Rix

We need your help

15 Dec 2016

Robbie Rix makes the call

Back in the black

08 Dec 2016

At last, Robbie Rix feels buoyed up on a sea of solidarity

Early Christmas?

01 Dec 2016

Robbie Rix is hoping for some early presents under the Weekly Worker tree