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Not a clue

07 Dec 2017

After a good November, Robbie Rix welcomes December

Showing they care

30 Nov 2017

Robbie Rix wants to know

Records falling

23 Nov 2017

Robbie Rix congratulates our readers, and thanks one in particular


16 Nov 2017

Robbie Rix is glad someone is

Of course we can!

09 Nov 2017


03 Nov 2017

The October target was exceeded, says Robbie Rix, now for November too

Touching distance

26 Oct 2017

Robbie Rix wants to see that target smashed

Striking distance

19 Oct 2017

You can do it, says Robbie Rix

Twice the price

12 Oct 2017

Robbie Rix celebrates some especially giving readers

Not complaining

05 Oct 2017

Ups and downs

28 Sep 2017

Robbie Rix looks at the past month

Up our sights

21 Sep 2017

Aim just a little higher, and our target will be hit, says Robbie Rix


14 Sep 2017

Weekly Worker supporters are celebrating the Russian Revolution's centenary in various way, says Robbie Rix, why not join them by handing over some cash?

With your help

07 Sep 2017

Robbie Rix reports back

Stepping up to the plate

31 Aug 2017

Peter Manson reports on Communist University 2017 and the end of the Summer Offensive