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Communist University 2017: Who is speaking and when

10 Aug 2017

A list of speakers and current timetable

Getting to the truth

03 Aug 2017

Communist University isn't for pushing a line, says Peter Manson, but do push some cash this way

Expect a call!

27 Jul 2017

The CPGB's Summer Offensive is picking up the pace, says Peter Manson

Much needed

20 Jul 2017

Peter Manson reports on your contributions to the Summer Offensive target - and some of your comments

Make sure we get there

13 Jul 2017

Peter Manson reports on the CPGB's Summer Offensive

Excellent start

06 Jul 2017

Peter Manson provides the first update on the CPGB's Summer Offensive launch

Made it!

29 Jun 2017

Bringing out our differences

29 Jun 2017

Peter Manson reports on last weekend’s meeting


22 Jun 2017

Robbie Rix feels sure that this month's target will be hit

Help needed

15 Jun 2017

Robbie Rix hopes to see increased eyeballs turning into increased donations

Strange publicity

08 Jun 2017

Robbie Rix welcomes a bump in readership, but wants a bump in donations


01 Jun 2017

Robbie Rix celebrates success

Best on the left

26 May 2017

Robbie Rix welcomes some big hitters and takes some praise

Not complaining

18 May 2017

Give Robbie Rix an extra reason to be happy next week

Free expression

11 May 2017

Robbie Rix looks for acceleration