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Bureaucratic fist tightens

05 Feb 2004

Tina Becker reports that the ESF is in great danger of being totally taken over by Ken Livingstone - with the full support of his little helpers in the Socialist Workers Party

Neither fish nor fowl

29 Jan 2004

The unity coalition does not know whether it wants to be a movement or a party, argues Steve Freeman of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

John Rees airbrushes out history

29 Jan 2004

Rees' speech, while full of Panglossian optimism about the big time for the left (read, for the SWP), was actually an epitaph for the SA. Marcus Ström was there

Socialism: the final shibboleth

29 Jan 2004

Manny Neira attended Sunday's Respect launch. He reflects on soul music, and soul selling

No respect for equality

29 Jan 2004

Jack Conrad on the refusal of Respect to have its MP's on a workers wage thanks to the SWP

Socialism, reform and revolution

22 Jan 2004

Chris Jones of the Revolutionary Democratic Group looks at the role of class struggle in shaping the politics of the 21st century

Respect and opportunism

22 Jan 2004

Despite the failure of the SA the party question has not gone away: it is simply posed anew in the more difficult subjective conditions of Respect, writes Jack Conrad

What about the workers?

15 Jan 2004

Respect's convention on January 25, no matter what its outcome, will merit a minor historical footnote, if for no other reason than the achievment of an unexpected unity of the left - even for one day. Marcus Ström reports

What's in a name?

04 Dec 2003

Mike Macnair takes issue with Dave Craig on republicanism. Dave Craig’s article, ‘Republican slogans and the CPGB’, which shows a remarkable lack of understanding of the arguments CPGB comrades have been putting forward

Republican slogans and the CPGB

20 Nov 2003

Socialist Alliance: I claimed in a previous article that the CPGB was ducking the question of republican slogans in its intervention in the Socialist Alliance

Globalise Resistance and the politics of manipulation

12 Nov 2003

Ian Donovan looks at this strange front of the Socialist Workers Party

Overturn party ban

12 Nov 2003

The participation of political parties has become one of the most controversial issues within the ESF, says Tina Becker

Why Attac tries to apply brakes

12 Nov 2003

Under the leadership of the French organising committee, the ESF has made a sharp turn to the right. Tina Becker explains

A 'credible' alternative?

23 Oct 2003

The SWP's majority bloc has no confidence that socialism can win a mass audience, says Mark Fischer

Open up London ESF bid

16 Oct 2003

Another week, another secret meeting to discuss the proposal to host the European Social Forum 2004 in London. Tina Becker was there