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China: Apologia with racist characteristics

15 Nov 2012

Once again, laments Eddie Ford, the Morning Star prostrates itself before the corrupt Chinese bureaucracy

Socialist Party: On a publicity high

08 Nov 2012

In an interesting session on events in South Africa and the local CWI body the Democratic Socialist Movement, Peter Manson thinks that a more serious approach to the SACP is needed

The Left: There’s no success like failure

11 Oct 2012

Tony Greenstein bemoans the continuing self-marginalisation of Britain’s far left

Overcoming a false dichotomy

27 Sep 2012

Where does the general election leave the Netherlands? Piet Potlood looks at the contending forces and points to the weakness of the left

Why the ship won’t sail

27 Sep 2012

Peter Manson reports on the misplaced efforts to talk up the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Where’s the action?

09 Aug 2012

The Tory-Lib Dem government has not produced a spike in industrial action, notes Paul Demarty. So what should be made of the left’s strike fetishism?

Ditch sects and fronts

03 May 2012

Last Saturday's launch of the Anti-Capitalist Initiative provided further evidence of an increasingly fractured, rightward-drifting left. Ben Lewis reports

For Labour affiliation

21 Apr 2011

Debate on the question at the Communist Unity Convention that founded the CPGB

Serwotka gives a lead - TUC must follow

07 Apr 2011

The TUC has had leadership of the anti-cuts movement thrust upon it, writes Peter Manson. But the left must look to the long term

The errors and pitfalls of general-strikism

17 Mar 2011

The March 12 London Communist Forum featured a discussion between Mike Macnair of the CPGB and David Broder of The Commune

Radical-reformist Kautskyites

10 Feb 2011

Gerry Downing accuses the CPGB of reformism

Sects and 'new left' disillusionment

15 Apr 2010

Mike Macnair reviews P Blackledge, N Davidson (eds) 'Alasdair MacIntyre's engagement with Marxism: selected writings 1953-1974' Brill (Historical materialism series), 2008, pp443, £89

A real united front could organise unemployed

28 Jan 2010

Mike Macnair takes a looks ahead to the SWP's 'Right to Work' conference

One-dimensional Marxism and proposition one

15 Dec 2005

Why does the CPGB accuse the Socialist Workers Party of economism? Jack Conrad explains with a look at the 'where we stand column' in Socialist Worker and the comrades' attitude to nature, ecology and global warming

Economism and the necessity of programme

05 Aug 2004

Jack Conrad argues that the left is crippled by its flattery of economic struggles - and the constant downplaying of the primacy of the political