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Bonapartism or social democracy?

05 Jan 2006

Paul Hampton of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty replies to Nick Rogers and upholds what he calls 'independent working class politics'

Church and state against women's rights

05 Jan 2006

Will Italy's Rifondazione Comunista risk upsetting their coalition partners-to-be by defending women's rights? Anne Mc Shane reports from the struggle over abortion rights in Italy

Reply to Molyneux

05 Jan 2006

The SWP's Central Committee responds to the troublesome John Molyneux

Why I intend to stand

05 Jan 2006

The SWP's John Molyneux explains why he is standing against the Central Committee's recommended slate

A loyal rebel

05 Jan 2006

On the eve of the Socialist Workers Party's annual conference this weekend (January 7-8), SW Kenning looks at what is going on behind the scenes and the official claims of one magnificent success leading to another

We are better than them!

15 Dec 2005

Peter Manson reports from last Saturday's 'international peace confernce' in London, which was more of a rally - and gave no answers as to what the anti-war movement should be doing next

Chávez and the AWL

15 Dec 2005

Nick Rogers replies to Paul Hampton from the Alliance of Workers' Liberty

Losing the plot

15 Dec 2005

The latest meeting of Respect Hackney underlined the profound crisis of the comrades in the Socialist Workers Party over their role in Respect - they either ignore oppositional voices or they shout them down. Tina Becker reports

Cannonites and the way of the dodo

08 Dec 2005

Despite protests to the contrary, the Australian Socialist Alliance is dead, argues Marcus Ström. The Democratic Socialist Perspective has not broken from its old ways. On the contrary, it shares the same method as the SWP, which led to the closing down of the Socialist Alliance in England and Wales

Up to the top of the hill

08 Dec 2005

The Socialist Worker Party generals have failed the anti-war movement, says Eddie Ford, who looks forward to the December 10 Peace Conference in London

No to World Trade Organisation

08 Dec 2005

Farooq Tariq (general secretary Labour Party Pakistan) reports about the mass protests against the WTO in Pakistan

Opposition party or coalition partner?

08 Dec 2005

Trouble is brewing in the German Linkspartei. The Berlin regional congress of Wahlalternative (WASG) has just voted against the 'cooperation agreement', which maps out the unification process with the Party of Democratic Socialism (now renamed Linkspartei.PDS). WASG comrades in Berlin also want to stand separately in the 2006 local elections - refusing a joint candidature with the Linkspartei.PDS, which is part of the Berlin government. Yet, writes Tina Becker, Linksruck, the German section of the SWP, has joined forces with the WASG leadership in criticising this decision

Stalinist atmosphere reigns

08 Dec 2005

Our republication of a mildly critical piece from the Socialist Workers Party's Pre-conference bulletin seems to have caused a furious row inside the SWP - at least judging by the reaction of its author, Dave Crouch. Peter Manson reports

DSP split over future

01 Dec 2005

Greg Adler, former national executive member of the Australian Socialist Alliance, looks at the dispute within Democratic Socialist Perspective, the dominant SA group

Socialist Worker: is it doing its job?

24 Nov 2005

Dave Crouch expresses disquiet over the relaunched SWP paper