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The inferno erupts

02 Mar 2017

The struggle for women’s liberation cannot be left to the feminists. The Russian Revolution shows that women’s liberation and the struggle for socialism are inseparable, argues Anne McShane

The fight for democracy is not a split

23 Feb 2017

Lansman’s coup should be resisted by founding a democratic Momentum, urges Tony Greenstein

Putting the case for real socialism

23 Feb 2017

The recent elections in Momentum allowed us to test our strength and present our arguments, writes Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists

A Turn in World Politics

16 Feb 2017

A translation of remarkable article by Lenin from January 1917 and a shorter translation of declaration by the Petersburg committee of the Russian Social Democratic Workers Party

Tails you lose, heads you lose

16 Feb 2017

Whether over Brexit or Labour strategy, writes Eddie Ford, Corbyn is determined to appease the centre and the right

Against Trump, for what?

09 Feb 2017

The February 4 demonstration pulled in many people new to politics, reports Peter Manson

1917: the view from the streets

09 Feb 2017

Leaflets of the Russian Revolution, No. 3

Don’t shit where you eat

02 Feb 2017

Theresa May is only one of many people put in an awkward position by Donald Trump’s travel bans, argues Paul Demarty

Filling the gaps

02 Feb 2017

Rex Dunn continues his exploration of Karl Marx’s concept of the human

Berger and Stalinism

02 Feb 2017

John Berger had a complex and contradictory relationship with the world communist movement of the 1950s and 1960s, writes Lawrence Parker

Economic cold war looms

02 Feb 2017

Theresa May wants to cuddle up to Trump, writes Eddie Ford, but EU leaders are horrified

Fight back - but for what?

02 Feb 2017

The left in Momentum is organising a ‘networking conference’ on March 11, writes Carla Roberts

Getting to grips with Trumpism

02 Feb 2017

Peter Manson reports on the joint meeting of the CPGB and Labour Party Marxists

May elections to be contested

02 Feb 2017

Pete McLaren, representative of individual members on the steering committee, reports on the January 28 conference

Taking an independent stand

26 Jan 2017

The election of Donald Trump has torn up the political rulebook - a reality that protestors must confront, argues Jim Grant