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Origins of democratic centralism

05 Nov 2015

Demands to bring parliamentarians into line; rightwing MPs complaining about the threat of deselection; pleas to put electability first - it all sounds very familiar

Not fit for purpose

15 Jan 2015

Jack Conrad shows that the LU constitution internalises trade union defeats and contains self-defeating time bombs

CWI: A bureaucratic farce

20 Feb 2014

The anti-Keynesian dissident, Bruce Wallace, has been suspended, reports Paul Demarty

What might have been

13 Feb 2014

The Communist Platform meeting showed what the Socialist Platform could have been, says Ian Donovan

Left Unity: Assume we have a tin opener

13 Feb 2014

Mark Fischer spent a day at Left Unity's most recent TNC meeting... though it felt like a lot longer

SWP conference: Notes of a delegate

19 Dec 2013

An oppositionist calls for the whole of the left to engage in debate and rethink its politics

SWP: Creating a desert waste

19 Dec 2013

For the third time in just over a year, the leadership is ‘drawing a line’. Actually, argues Ben Lewis, Charlie Kimber and Alex Callinicos are busily destroying their own organisation

Left Unity: Establishing freedom to criticise

05 Dec 2013

Paul Demarty looks at the constitutional fallout for Left Unity post-conference

SWP: Another split looms

28 Nov 2013

The leadership refuses to accept that there is any truth in opposition criticisms. Peter Manson reviews this year’s final Pre-conference Bulletin

Left Unity: How to vote at conference

28 Nov 2013

CPGB Provisional Central Committee recommendations

Lukács: The philosophy trap

21 Nov 2013

György Lukács provided the ‘theoretical overkill’ for the bureaucratic centralism of groups like the SWP, argues Mike Macnair

SWP opposition: Facing a rout

14 Nov 2013

There are signs of increasing demoralisation amongst oppositionists, writes Peter Manson

Why I am leaving the AWL

07 Nov 2013

Pat Smith's resignation letter

AWL: Failing the litmus test of loyalty

07 Nov 2013

The republication of a chauvinistic article on the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty website was the spark that led Patrick Smith to resign from the organisation. Mark Fischer asked him about his experience in the group

AWL: Siege mentality

31 Oct 2013

Conference is where political differences should be debated out. Paul Demarty reports on an exception