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Security, control and principled debate

02 Feb 2006

Does our paper's fight for transparency in the workers' movement play games with "people's lives and livelihoods"? The letter below from Mike Davies, a member of the left nationalist group, Cymru Goch, makes that charge. Mark Fischer replies

Completing Marx's project

19 Jan 2006

Communist Party comrades in London recently began a collective study of Beyond 'Capital', written by Michael A Lebowitz. The author argues that Capital, taken alone, is one-sided, given Marx's intention to also write a book on wage-labour. The incompleteness of Marx's work has helped produce a left whose theory is distorted and characterised by economism and programmatic narrowness. Mark Fischer spoke to the comrade in Venezuela, where he currently lives. He began with a description of his personal evolution as a communist

Take control of the Bolivarian revolution

12 Jan 2006

Nick Rogers disputes Paul Hampton's assertion that the Chavez regime is Bonapartist and calls for a radical transfer of power to the working class

Bolivia shifts left

12 Jan 2006

Which effect will Evo Morales' victory have on the working class and the political landscape in South America? Eddie Ford takes a closer look

Working class project for Spanish America

01 Dec 2005

Nick Rogers looks at the contradictions in the Bolivarian revolution and calls for the building of workers' unity across the continent to defend and extend the gains won in Venezuela

Vote for class independence

28 Apr 2005

Mike Macnair revisits the question of the popular front

Socialist Party gains second Lewisham councillor

11 Dec 2003

Peter Manson reports on the election of Chris Flood

Republican slogans and the CPGB

20 Nov 2003

Socialist Alliance: I claimed in a previous article that the CPGB was ducking the question of republican slogans in its intervention in the Socialist Alliance

Multitude or working class?

20 Nov 2003

European Social Forum: ‘Multitude or working class?’, Antonio Negri, co-author of Empire, was a star attraction

Lukács and reification

30 Oct 2003

Liam O Ruairc responds to Mike Macnair

A 'credible' alternative?

23 Oct 2003

The SWP's majority bloc has no confidence that socialism can win a mass audience, says Mark Fischer

Open up London ESF bid

16 Oct 2003

Another week, another secret meeting to discuss the proposal to host the European Social Forum 2004 in London. Tina Becker was there

Class politics not electoralism

16 Oct 2003

It looks as though the Socialist Workers Party's hopes for a cross-class 'peace and justice' coalition to contest next year's European and Greater London Authority elections are alive and well after all. Peter Manson reports

Conservative disarray

21 Jun 2001

Can the Tories reinvent themselves? Michael Malkin investigates

After Gothenburg

21 Jun 2001

It is a shocking image. A 19-year-old protester taunts police ranks during the anti-capitalist actions in Gothenburg on June 15. One policeman draws a gun and the young man turns to scramble to safety. He is apparently shot in the back. As the bullet thuds into him, his face contorts with shock and terrible pain. Moments later, we see him laid out on the concrete with anxious comrades huddled over him. For a moment, the camera picks up a shot of his naked stomach, a small, bloody bullet wound stands out vividly on his flesh.