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Rising to the heights and beyond

28 Apr 2016

What is art and can it survive? Paul Demarty investigates

Panama and how we are ruled

14 Apr 2016

Tax havens are an integral part of modern neoliberal capitalism, argues Yassamine Mather

Close down offshore

14 Apr 2016

Transnational companies and the super-rich routinely get away with not paying taxes. But, writes Michael Roberts, something can be done about it

Harmful change is intolerable

07 Apr 2016

Joint action is the way forward, says Richard Galen - and so is affiliation to the TUC

North and south

31 Mar 2016

What is the nature of modern imperialism, asks Michael Roberts, one hundred years after Lenin?

Social democratic corporate management?

31 Mar 2016

There is no common political interest between the working class and productive capital, writes Mike Macnair

Two strategic illusions

24 Mar 2016

Money can function fully only if it is world money, writes Mike Macnair

By your advisors shall you be known

17 Mar 2016

Yassamine Mather takes apart John McDonnell’s pledge of responsibility

Robots and capitalism

18 Feb 2016

Can new technology and artificial intelligence open up a new period of expansion for capital? Michael Roberts examines the possibilities and problems

Scams we are still paying for

11 Feb 2016

Michael Roberts reviews: Adam McKay (director/co-writer) The big short 2015, general release

Going nowhere fast

11 Feb 2016

The present period is one of transition, argues Hillel Ticktin. But how can we escape from the current impasse?

The impending global recession

28 Jan 2016

Blaming China is a diversion, argues Michael Roberts. The USA is still key

Making inroads into power of capital

21 Jan 2016

We should support all measures facilitating an accumulation of productive capital, thereby placing workers in the most favourable position, argues Arthur Bough

Stay as money, face death as capital

21 Jan 2016

How can capital extricate itself from crisis? Hillel Ticktin argues that it has no solution

And the band played on

14 Jan 2016

As Chinese woes once again spread throughout the world economy, Paul Demarty wonders what could shake the complacency of the bourgeoisie