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Saint Bob’s bauble

20 Oct 2016

Dylan’s Nobel prize has little to do with him, and more to do with the flagging artistic establishment, argues Harley Filben

Rate of profit continues to fall

13 Oct 2016

Michael Roberts looks at the US data from 1948 to 2015

Turbulence ahead

06 Oct 2016

All the indications are that the global economy is heading for big trouble, writes Michael Roberts

The period of transition

06 Oct 2016

What does it mean to say that capitalism is in decline? Hillel Ticktin analyses the characteristics of the final stage

Media: old and new

15 Sep 2016

What is the impact of technology on the mass media? How can the left overcome its marginality in the public discourse? Should we trust Google searches? Paul Demarty addressed the past, present and future of the media at this year’s Communist University

Still stuck in the Jackson Hole

15 Sep 2016

It is profits that matter and investment that decides, writes Michael Roberts

Time running out fast

08 Sep 2016

Capitalism is a system unfit to cope with the ecological crisis, writes Eddie Ford

Abstraction in style

01 Sep 2016

George Monbiot How did we get into this mess? Politics, equality, nature Verso Books, 2014, pp352, £16.99

Festival of nationalism

04 Aug 2016

This year’s Olympics are even more grotesque than normal, writes Eddie Ford

Brexit, TTIP and TPP

21 Jul 2016

Michael Roberts examines a possible effect of a British withdrawal from the European Union

Fear, confusion and delusions

30 Jun 2016

Left responses to the referendum result vary from despondency to total exuberance. Both are misplaced, argues Paul Demarty

Brexit, China and the Fed

23 Jun 2016

The prospect of a global recession is very real, writes Michael Roberts

Gulag conditions are the new norm

16 Jun 2016

Jeremy Corbyn is spreading illusions about the ‘progressive’ nature of the EU bureaucracy, writes Eddie Ford

Not so new economics

26 May 2016

Michael Roberts reports on John McDonnell’s plan to ‘transform capitalism’

Social democratic stepping stone

19 May 2016

Arthur Bough responds to Mike Macnair