SWP opposition: Facing a rout

There are signs of increasing demoralisation amongst oppositionists, writes Peter Manson

It is now abundantly clear that the December 13-15 conference of the Socialist Workers Party will see a repeat of the rigging process that occurred in the two earlier conferences held this year. The central committee is intent on winning the vote by whatever means - including through the exclusion of opposition delegates wherever possible.

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Non-refutation ; Blame it on oil ; Past tense ; Coward ; Dead end ; Stand together ; Factual error ; CWI illusion

Israel-Iran: An enemy at all costs

Alongside the Saudis, Israel is pulling out all the stops to prevent a settlement with Iran. Tony Greenstein looks at Binyamin Netanyahu’s contortions

Iran: End sanctions now

Whatever the final result of negotiations, writes Yassamine Mather, it is the millions of ordinary Iranians, not their rulers, who have suffered

Debate: CPGB’s theoretical confusion

The Socialist Platform statement for Left Unity is more scientifically correct than the amended version featured in the CPGB’s Communist Platform, argues Nick Rogers

Debate: Inspiring view of future society

Is the distinction between socialism and communism necessarily Stalinist? Mike Macnair replies to Nick Rogers

Celebration of imperialist crimes

Eddie Ford wants us to defy the poppy police

Occupy: Caught in the headlights

Daniel Harvey reviews: Mark Bray, 'Translating anarchy: the anarchism of Occupy Wall Street'. Zero Books, 2013, pp342, £15.99

Russell Brand: Hippies, clowns and technocrats

The effect of the Russell Brand interview highlights the fragility of bourgeois politics, writes Harley Filben

Fighting Fund: Supplementary

Robbie Rix sees November chugging nicely along target...but where are those payal donations comrades?

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