SWP: How did this bloody mess come to pass?

Marxism, the annual school of the SWP, saw a revamped opposition, reports Mark Fischer

The aftermath of this year’s Marxism will pose a conundrum for the Socialist Workers Party’s deeply discredited leadership. Despite attempts to “draw a line” under the Delta crisis and move on, a new, revamped opposition successfully used the event to challenge the apparatus and cohere itself. The opposition has many differing opinions, but seems determined to fight it out at the January 2014 conference. As one CPGB comrade commented afterwards, the opposition “went into Marxism with a blog and came out of it with a caucus”.

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Straw man; Mangling Marx; Golden age; Slovenly; Gratuitous; Nasty things; Nazis; Labour not; Echo

Democratic centralism: The genie and the bottle

If you can loosen SWP restrictions on free debate on one occasion, asks Peter Manson, why not do so permanently?

Alex in wonderland

Attempts by the leadership to portray the SWP as the only ‘Leninist’ organisation in town are totally at odds with reality, argues Ben Lewis

On the fringe

Michael Copestake reports from the CPGB and HOPI's fringe meetings

Oppression and opportunism

Peter Manson looks at questions of race, sex and nation raised by SWP speakers at Marxism

Not taking into account the specific conditions

Another session on Leninism, another show-down. Sarah McDonald was there

ISNetwork: Entropy, therapy and eclecticism

The International Socialist Network is still trapped by SWP politics, argues Harley Filben

Berlusconi: Judgement day looms

Toby Abse reports on an unexpected setback for Silvio Berlusconi

Crocodile tears over salary recommendation

Eddie Ford thinks MPs should be accountable, recallable and live on a wage close to those they represent

Summer Offensive: Make or break

Money raised at a reduced Marxism was down, reports Mark Fischer, and the Summer Offensive deadline begins to loom...

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