SWP leadership: Laughable history produces laughable results

Jack Conrad argues that the pre-1917 Bolshevik model of organisation should be properly studied and properly understood

Due to the unresolved crisis in the Socialist Workers Party, democratic centralism has become the subject of much polemic and counter-polemic. And not only among the ‘usual suspects’. Every domesticated leftist, every has-been, every renegade, every poseur seems to have put their oar in. Eg, Laurie Penny, Andy Newman, Mark Perryman, Owen Jones, Brendon O’Neil, Nick Cohen, Ian Bone and John Palmer, to name just a few.

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Underconsumed; Causes of crisis; I started it; Lunatic asylum; United party; Principled

An expanded paper seeking new supporters

Mark Fischer with the latest Summer Offensive update

Egypt: Two reactionary forces

Celebrations at the fall of Mursi are understandable, writes Yassamine Mather, but no-one should have illusions in the role of the army

Egypt & SWP: Nothing revolutionary about a high command coup

The SWP’s flip-flop on the Muslim Brotherhood reflects a profound crisis of perspectives, argues Ben Lewis

Anthropology and women: Genetic evidence is richer than the stale party line

Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group investigates the SWP’s impoverished debate on the Marxist theory of women’s oppression

SWP: Opposition flexes its muscles

The ‘leadership’ got its disciplinary vote, writes Paul Demarty. But then it pathetically backed down

Socialist Appeal: Waiting for the class to move

Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists reports on Socialist Appeal’s third Marxist summer school

Snowden and the state: David and Goliath in high tech

People like Edward Snowden may normally function as software in a hard drive, writes Jim Creegan, but for the state they have one drawback: they can think

Labour: Miliband’s media-pleasing funding proposals

Falkirk shows the pro-capitalist dynamics at work in the Labour Party, writes Eddie Ford. But should the unions be urged to disaffiliate?

SWP abuse: 'Delta' in dock again ... this time it’s comrade X

Reject calls to no-platform SWP over handling of allegations of sexual misconduct, says Peter Manson

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