People's Assembly: John Rees and the fragile politics of broadness

Peter Manson reports on the launch of John Rees’s ‘united front against austerity’

 The June 22 People’s Assembly Against Austerity was undoubtedly a big success, with more than 4,000 having registered to attend. Virtually every seat was taken in the main conference hall, which holds well over 2,000, and hundreds of others squeezed into overflow rooms.

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Build Left Unity; Promising; Phobic phobia; Unison; Not necessary

Surveillance state: What we knew already

Yassamine Mather surveils the recent UK-US electronic spying scandal

Summer Offensive: The solidarity quid

Mark Fischer senses a gradual change in attitudes to the Weekly Worker at the People's Assembly

People's Assembly: Political theatre and the 10 seconds

Sarah McDonald argues that the politics needed by the working class are antithetical to those committed to the ‘principle’ of broadness

Italy: Berlusconi will never serve time

Toby Abse reports on the ‘Ruby case’ verdict

AWL school: Economism and frontist delusions

Mike Macnair was at the Ideas for Freedom school to listen, to learn and to debate

AWL school: Missing the point

Paul Demarty shares some brief thoughts on a session dedicated to debating the IS/SWP and its history

Brazil: Half riot, half carnival

Pent-up anger has exploded. Millions have taken to the streets. Eddie Ford looks at the sorry results of the coalition politics pursued by a once much vaunted Workers Party

Film festival: Documented truths

Jim Moody reports from London’s global documentary festival and gives a smattering of reviews

EDL: Oxygen of stupidity

Socialist Worker complains that the BBC is giving the English Defence League publicity - a bit rich, reckons Paul Demarty

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