Winston Churchill: A reactionary bigot

Thatcher has been compared to Winston Churchill, and quite rightly - both were virulently anti-working class. Eddie Ford looks at Churchill’'s toxic legacy

Margaret Thatcher is now an official saint of the right wing of the bourgeoisie. That was made abundantly clear by the Tory media’s revoltingly sycophantic coverage of her funeral, which was a state funeral in all but name. Her elevated status is illustrated by the frequent comparisons to Winston Churchill - the latter proclaimed as the country’s greatest ever wartime leader and the former designated the greatest ever ‘peacetime’ prime minister (leaving aside Northern Ireland and the Falklands for now). She saved the country from disaster in the same way that Churchill rescued us from the Nazi menace.

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SWP no-platformed: Self-inflicted injury

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Nick Wrack: How can we supersede the sects?

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Appeal from the editor

Contributions to our legal appeal have slowed down a bit, says Peter Manson, can you help step things up again?

Italian government: Grand coalition for austerity

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Syria: Toxic weapons and revolutionary illusions

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Iran May Day: Defying the regime

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Finish the job

Robbie Rix thanks our supporters for making a big dent in the fighting fund deficit

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