SWP and programme: Transitional regression ends in a hunch

Is the so-called transitional method the road to revolution? Jack Conrad argues against the economism of the Socialist Workers Party

Tony Cliff distinguished himself from orthodox Trotskyism in the aftermath of World War II because he was able to recognise both Stalin’s palpable success in creating an empire in eastern Europe and the palpable reality of the long economic boom in the west. Events had beached Trotsky’s 1930s expectations. Stalinism did not collapse with the Nazi invasion. Nor was capitalism in its “death agony”.1 In fact, it was Trotskyism that was in crisis. As Cliff himself wittily put it, navigating the class struggle with Trotsky’s Transitional programme, was like people trying to find their way round the Paris metro using a London tube map.

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SWP crisis: Twilight of the idols

The central committee has once again failed to reassert control. But dirty tricks are inevitable, writes Paul Demarty

Appeal from the editor

Peter Manson reports to our readers

SWP and the internet: Let a thousand blogs bloom

Bureaucrats fear the ‘dark side of the internet’ in the same way they previously feared the printing press and the photocopier, writes Eddie Ford

Women and capitalism: Double burden of oppression

Is women’s inequality endemic to capitalism? Yassamine Mather spoke to socialist feminist Bridget Fowler

STWC conference: Big claims, bankrupt politics

How can we ‘stop the war’? Peter Manson reports on the 2003 protest nostalgia

German school: Emerging from autonomism

Maciej Zurowski reports on a joint school organised by German communists and the CPGB

Ireland Magdalene laundries: No to the theocratic state

The release of the McAleese report has further opened debate on anti-female abuse by church and state in Ireland, reports Anne McShane

Up the pace

We need to up the pace if we are to meet our minimum targets, says Robbie Rix

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