SWP conference: Comrades in the SWP, rebel!

The central committee was delivered a body blow at this weekend’s conference - but for dissidents the fight must go on, argues Paul Demarty

A lot can happen in a few short weeks. The last issue of this paper reported the expulsions of four Socialist Workers Party members, on charges straight out of the imagination of Franz Kafka.1 Between then and the January 4-6 conference, it is fair to say that the SWP has had a busy holiday season. Two substantial factions declared themselves, and the central committee found itself split at the 11th hour.

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SWP crisis; Slate system; Party line; So many groups; Quote, unquote; ‘Anti-Germans’?; Agitation; Divide and rule; Chastened

'Official' CPGB History: Scotching the myths

The history of the ‘official’ CPGB was much more complex than ‘tankies versus Euros’. This is the book-launch speech given by Lawrence Parker in December

SWP's Tom Walker: Why I am resigning

Tom Walker, (now former) Socialist Worker journalist, argues that the time has come to leave the SWP

Israel-Palestine: Race against history

What future for Israel? asks Moshé Machover

Moshé Machover review: The intersemitic crisis

Chris Gray reviews: Moshé Machover, 'Israelis and Palestinians: conflict and resolution', Haymarket Books, 2012, pp327, £17.99

USSR polemic: In defence of defencism

The Soviet Union did indeed feature a form a form of planning, argues Jim Creegan in his reply to Paul Flewers

NUM in court: Arthur Scargill’s dacha debacle

David Douglass comments on the decline and fall of Arthur Scargill's reputation

Supplement: Origins of the crisis in the SWP - part one

The Soviet Union question, by Jack Conrad (pdf available here)

Fighting fund: Hefty support

Robbie Rix is pleased to see comrades starting the first fighting fund of the year with a bang

Weekly Worker 944 is also available in PDF format