SWP conference: An anatomical investigation

A minority of SWP comrades are taking advantage of their right to put their views before the membership once a year. Peter Manson reviews the latest Pre-conference Bulletin

The second Socialist Workers Party Pre-conference Bulletin came out at the end of last week. Known as Internal Bulletins (IBs), the three documents represent the one chance ordinary SWP comrades have each year of putting forward their point of view, including criticisms, before the whole membership.

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Invisible left; Rape solution; Crisis dogma; Nasty recipe; The apprentice

Pay: Living wage farce

Minimum pay should be determined by workers’ commissions, argues Michael Copestake

Socialist Party: A friendly, successful but programmatically adrift event

Mark Fischer gives his impression of Socialism 2012

Socialist Party: Unity of the left can wait

No it cannot, says Peter Manson

Socialist Party: Joining the nationalist bandwagon

Sarah McDonald reports on SPEW's commitment to socialism in one country

Socialism 2012: Labour: for a ‘civil war’

Is TUSC the new Labour Party? Mark Fischer reports from a Socialism 2012 session on Labour

Socialist Party: Economist republicanism

The Socialist Party's economism was on full display during a session on the monarchy and the state reports Peter Manson

Socialist Party: Fascism v Labourism

Maciej Zurowski finds that the Socialist Party will oppose nationalist politics and Keynesianism with Marxism...in a future new Labour party

Socialist Party: Euro confusion reigns

Harley Filben reports from a Socialism 2012 session on Europe and the euro

Socialist Party: On a publicity high

In an interesting session on events in South Africa and the local CWI body the Democratic Socialist Movement, Peter Manson thinks that a more serious approach to the SACP is needed

EU budget: ‘Official communists’ welcome Miliband’s conversion to austerity

Europhobes of all political hues have tasted blood following the coalition government’s defeat over the EU budget, writes Eddie Ford

Australian SA: Regroupment in a revolutionary party

Have the hard-line ‘Cliffite sectarians’ seen the light?

Obama election: Return of a rational reactionary

The absence of a viable working class alternative means American voters are treated as fools, argues Paul Demarty


Will your solidarity be music to Robbie Rix's ears?

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