US elections: The more effective evil

Barack Obama hardly represents a rampart against Republican extremism, as some on the left still maintain. Jim Creegan looks at the state of play in the final week of the election campaign

When in March a reporter asked an advisor of Mitt Romney if the Republican presidential candidate was not tacking too far to the right in the primaries to win the presidential election, Eric Fehrnstrom replied that the post-primary campaign would be “like Etch a Sketch - you can shake it up and we start all over again”.

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Definitions; Tea pots; Sorry; Wrong again; Read it; Day of action; No deportations; Up yours; Rebuild tax; Good job

UK Economy: Bumping along the bottom

Whilst the UK economy is officially no longer in a recession, writes Eddie Ford, it remains in deep trouble

Kurdistan: Hunger strike reaches critical stage

Esen Uslu reports on a travesty of justice

Mark Fisher: Not failing better, but fighting to win

Is there no alternative? Mark Fisher, author of Capitalist realism, criticises neo-anarchism and outlines his perspectives

Berlusconi: Another guilty verdict

If past form is anything to go by, Silvio Berlusconi will not serve a day of his latest jail sentence, writes Toby Abse

Anthropology: Imperialist abuse of science

Simon Wells reviews: David H Price, 'Weaponizing anthropology: social science in service of the militarized state', AK Press (Counterpunch series), 2011, £12, pp208

Tories: Revenge of the nasty party

David Cameron once liked to pose as a compassionate Conservative, writes Paul Demarty. But no longer

Big success

Get your wallets out, it's Robbie Rix.

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