Grasping the Olympic enigma

The hype and nationalistic overkill is enough to put off even the keenest of sports lovers, writes Peter Manson. But the left needs to maintain a sense of balance

 As the Tory-led coalition government continues its attempts to impose austerity on the British people, the Olympic Games have provided the whole establishment with the opportunity to relentlessly, and with some success, push the message that David Cameron has been unable to convince us of directly: “We are all in it together.”

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Our sport and theirs

Socialist Workers Party member Keith Flett contrasts today’s corporate Olympics with the tradition of worker sport. This is an edited version of his speech to a CPGB London Communist Forum

Permanent revolution and the battle for democracy

Ben Lewis reviews: D Gaido and R B Day (editors and translators) Witnesses to permanent revolution: the documentary record Haymarket books, 2011, pp682, £25.99

Rebelling against rural values in Warrington

Shafilea Ahmed’s ‘honour killing’, writes Eddie Ford, highlights the importance of rights and individual autonomy for young adults - especially women

Artistic engagement

Lawrence Parker reviews: Philip Bounds British communism and the politics of literature 1928-1939 Merlin, 2012, pp322, £18.95

Consciously political

Gore Vidal, 1925-2012

Where’s the action?

The Tory-Lib Dem government has not produced a spike in industrial action, notes Paul Demarty. So what should be made of the left’s strike fetishism?

Summer Offensive -Above our weight

Mark Fischer thanks our supporters for stepping up and takes on anti-cpgb red baiting

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