Bourgeoisie fears spread of political contagion

Despite the bailout, Greece remains the weakest link, argues Savas Michael-Matsas of the EEK (Workers Revolutionary Party)

It is well established, following Edgar Allan Poe and his short story Purloined letter, that the best place to hide a secret is the most exposed one. Today’s Greece undoubtedly is the most exposed place in the world to hide the purloined letter containing her majesty’s secret confession: the announcement of the bankruptcy of the entire European Union project.

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Frustration; SWP Iran change; Cost of war; Softener; Fit of peak; Piping up

Eric Pickles puts in the knife

Communists reject a British identity based on the crown and the imperial past, writes Eddie Ford


Is there anybody out there? Asks Robbie Rix, and if there is, remember, a small donation can make a big difference.

Migrants: not the problem

From the CPGB's Draft programme (section 3.4)

Strike boosts resistance

As an Italian engineers strike widens to include political issues, Toby Abse looks at how this will affect the battle to save Article 18

Our duty to Iran's working class

Speaking at a CPGB meeting in Manchester in support of Hands Off the People of Iran, Yassamine Mather makes the call for urgent and principled solidarity

Occupational hazards

As the St Paul's protest camp continues its transformation into a respectable pressure group with mainstream support, James Turley draws a few lessons

The centrality of labour-power

Moshé Machover begins his examination of the labour theory of value by looking at the preliminaries

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