The other worlds of sci-fi and fantasy

How do science-fiction and fantasy help us understand reality? James Turley investigates

What do I mean by science-fiction and fantasy? The traditional thing to do is to define your terms, so that everyone knows what you are talking about. When you are dealing with genres, however, that is not strictly possible. You can read all sorts of people from the highest echelons of academia down to the most mundane internet warrior, arguing over whether such and such a book is science-fiction or not. They are trying to divide these genres up into some perfect sort of Linnaean system and, of course, it does not quite work.

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Lenin, Kautsky and the 'new era of revolutions'

Lenin's vision of world revolution at the turn of the 20th century was inspired by Karl Kautsky, writes Canada-based scholar Lars T Lih

Essential task

Robbie Rix sends season's greetings to all our readers - we will be back on January 12!

Playing the blame game

With hundreds of billions of debt due to be repaid in the first quarter of next year, writes Eddie Ford, the euro zone crisis has not gone away

Signs of an awakening

Calls for internal democracy within the Socialist Workers Party can only be welcomed. Peter Manson reports on the third and final 'Pre-conference Bulletin'

Cameron in the court of King James

The prime minister's speech on the King James Bible ticks every reactionary box going, argues James Turley

What kind of commitment?

Mike Belbin takes a look at the life of Christopher Hitchens, 1949-2011

Adam Smith's profoundest reader

Karl Marx built on and developed bourgeois revolutionary consciousness, contends Spencer A Leonard of the US Platypus group

What made us human

Simon Wells reviews Chris Stringer 'The origin of our species' Allen Lane, 2011, pp333,

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