Europe and the delusions of leftwing nationalism

David Cameron's veto is a dangerous blunder, argues James Turley - so why does the left reproduce Tory stupidity on the EU?

The abiding reaction among the more serious elements of the British bourgeoisie to David Cameron’s use of the veto to scupper an emergency European Union treaty is, quite frankly, one of baffled incomprehension. Even against the background of the Tories’ inbuilt Euroscepticism, and Cameron’s realignment of the party with the far-right cranks of the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists in the European parliament, there is much head-scratching to be seen - what on earth was the PM thinking?

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Robbie Rix wants some Christmas presents: donations please!

Anti-Semitism in anti-Zionist garb

Tony Greenstein reviews Gilad Atzmon 'The wandering who?' Zero Books, 2011, pp203,

Three-hour general strike forces concessions

Italian workers are determined to defend their pensions, writes Toby Abse

In the footsteps of Kropotkin

How did self-declared anarchists come to support the Nato bombing of Libya? David Douglass reports

Education, not exam culture

Education targets become ends in themselves, argues Michael Copestake

Too early to say

Mike Macnair reviews Ian Birchall's 'Tony Cliff: a Marxist for his time' Bookmarks, 2011, pp664,

Cameron's Euro veto con trick

Despite the deepening rift between the Tories and Liberal Democrats over Europe, writes Eddie Ford, both are committed to further attacks on the working class

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