Mapping the alternative

The workers' movement must begin to act on a European scale, argues Mike Macnair

The International Monetary Fund meeting in Washington at the weekend is widely reported to have come up with a larger sticking plaster for the euro zone debt crisis. The package is said to involve a 50% write-down of the value of Greek government debt (ie, a partial default); the quadrupling of the European Financial Stability Fund ‘fire-power’ - ie, its ability to lend to countries in trouble, mainly by technical means; and the recapitalisation of the euro zone banks, presumably by governments putting money into them (private investors are not likely to).

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Labour again; Fighting party; Straight talking; Blood feud; Politics of coal

Euro storm clouds gather

World leaders are now frantically trying to cobble together a plan to prevent a catastrophic collapse of the euro zone, writes Eddie Ford. But it could be too little, too late

Leninist assumptions and cult hierarchies

Simon Pirani was part of a panel of three who addressed the CPGB's Communist University under the title of 'They fuck you up, the left'. This is an edited version of his speech

Laurels and Hardy

Robbie Rix looks forward to a bigger, even better Weekly Worker

Zionist 'negotiating strategy' sham

What does Mahmoud Abbas expect to achieve at the UN? Moshe Machover analyses the Palestinian bid for statehood

Hideous capitalist system

Mark Fischer on the hunger marches of the National Unemployed Workers Movement

They obeyed the rules

Mark Fischer busts the myths of the Jarrow Crusade

Off-colour Blairites

Ed Miliband is being attacked from the right, argues James Turley

Miliband reassures capital

Peter Manson considers Ed Miliband's vacuous speech to Labour Party conference

Mind over matter

Runners at the 38th Berlin marathon raised EUR350 for Workers Fund Iran. Ben Lewis was there to cheer them on

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