Assessing the significance and prospects of revolution

CPGB members, meeting in London on June 25, debated the Arab awakening and Israeli-Jewish national rights. Alex John reports

On behalf of the Provisional Central Committee, comrade John Bridge introduced the theses, ‘The Arab revival and Israel-Palestine’, noting that the situation had changed dramatically since our previous discussions on the Middle East three years ago. Although we had been in the process of drawing up an analysis, our discussions were interrupted by other matters, and no theses had been adopted at that time.

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Crack regiment; Lumpen; Some right; Property right; Facebook ban; Tax slaves; Star rant; Selfish; Self-defence

Wolf in liberal disguise

Esen Uslu looks at the situation following the AKP victory in the June 12 general election and the good showing for the leftwing BDP

The Arab awakening and Israel-Palestine

CPGB members' aggregate agrees theses

Pace, race, and resistance

Ben Lewis reviews director Stevan Riley's 'Fire in Babylon' (2011, DVD,

Real attempt to learn the lessons

The 'Towards a New International Tendency' statement marks a step forward, notes James Turley

Take the battle into Labour

Unions must reject the terms of debate established by government, media, and Labour opposition, argues Michael Copestake

Imperialism cuts its losses

The 'longest running war in US history' is nearing its end. Eddie Ford looks at the wreckage

Divided by a common language?

The Frankfurt school methodology employed by Platypus is worse than useless, argues Mike Macnair

Voodoo and left posturing

Anne Mc Shane reports an exchange of views at the United Left Alliance forum

Hitting the big numbers

Mark Fischer will be delighted with any commitment to donate regularly

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