There is an alternative

But only if we aim for working class rule across Europe, says Mike Macnair

This weekend’s huge demonstration is undoubtedly expressing profound and broadly based hostility to the Con-Dem government’s cuts. But a March 17 Mori poll for The Economist, as well as the arguments of the Labour leadership, show that the terms of the wider debate still remain how fast the government is cutting, not whether it should cut at all. The poll also shows that the big lie that the former Labour government is responsible for the deficit still has real purchase (believed by 49%), and Labour MPs are unwilling to be seen as ‘deficit deniers’.[1]

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Beyond disunity

In seeking to prop up their crisis-ridden system, the capitalist class is united around cuts, cuts and more cuts. If we are to fight back and win, our class must also unite, argues Ben Lewis

Accountable to the party

At the first CPGB congress, delegates ranged from rank-and-file industrial militants to conscious, communist politicians

Not our solution to their crisis

The economic crisis is far from over. But does Keynesianism offer a way out? No, argues Jack Conrad. Keynesianism is thoroughly elitist, anti-working class and pro-capitalist

Now the left has TDs

Anne Mc Shane urges principled unity in a new party

No more Fukushimas

Technology is not socially neutral, declares James Turley

Imperialism out, down with the Gaddafi regime

Western intervention in Libya - and the rest of the Arab world - aims to subvert popular power and the Arab revolution, argues Eddie Ford

All get together

Now you know what we stand for, you too can help support us, argues Robbie Rix

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