Osborne the butcher

Cuts campaigns should move towards unity, says James Turley

George Osborne’s much hyped spending review turned out to be every bit as draconian as we all expected. Under the absurd pretext of the vital necessity to tackle the budget deficit as a matter of the utmost urgency, the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition is seizing the opportunity to launch a full-scale assault on workers’ jobs and conditions, on public services and on benefits in order to claw back the working class gains of the last half-century, weaken trade union organisation and significantly shift the balance of power in favour of capital.

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Win Labour for the working class

Following a five-hour discussion on the CPGB's strategic orientation to the Labour Party, the October 16-17 membership aggregate endorsed the Provisional Central Committee's tactic of critical support for Diane Abbott in Labour's leadership election by a two to one majority. Alex John reports on the debate

No time like now

Robbie Rix says we need to make up ground

Draft theses on the Labour Party

The Provisional Central Committee has presented the following draft for discussion

Two open letters

The sectarian opponents of the formation of the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1920 state their case

Equal pay feel-good

Amanda MacLean reviews Nigel Cole's (director) 'Made in Dagenham', 2010 (on general release)

Comradeship and populist demagogy

The media circus surrounding the rescued Chilean miners obscures the reality of naked capitalist exploitation, writes Eddie Ford

A programme to unite all Marxists

Peter Manson reports on the second day of the October 16-17 CPGB aggregate

Scotching the myths

Historian Lars T Lih dissects one of Lenin's most famous but most misunderstood pamphlets, 'What is to be done?'

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