Marxism, nature, and proposition one

Why is the SWP commitment to ecological thinking doubted? Jack Conrad looks at the 'What the Socialist Workers Party stands for' column which appears every week in Socialist Worker

Marxism, the Socialist Workers Party’s annual school, once again featured a range of speakers on ecology and climate change: Gareth Dale, Jonathan Neale, Jørn Andersen, Suzanne Jeffrey, Martin Empson, Penny Howard, etc. While some gave little more than a workerist spin to the prejudices, critiques, programmes and demands of the Green Party, Greenpeace and George Monbiot, there is clearly a growing recognition on the left that capitalist degradation of nature is in imminent danger of causing civilisational collapse. For example, this week’s Socialist Worker warns that new research shows the planet’s temperature “will rise by up to four degrees Celsius by 2100 - even if world leaders meet their targets to cut carbon emissions.”[1]

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Subtext and loyal opposition

How far does John Molyneux's critique of SWP bureaucratic centralism go? Ben Lewis reports

Gerbils on a wheel

Mike Macnair argues that the single tactic of 'No platform for fascists' merely recapitulates the errors of Dimitrov's popular front. This is an edited version of the speech he gave to the July 4 London Communist Forum fringe meeting during this year's Marxism

Fight for genuine PR

Peter Manson recommends a 'yes' vote in May 2011

Seeking out a path to the right

Marxism 2010 provided, among the usual array of celebrity guest speakers in the 101 sessions, a chance to gauge the current state of Socialist Workers Party politics, writes James Turley

United front Hodge-podge

Mark Fischer detects SWP softness toward potential allies in the Labour Party

Responding to Ken Clarke's rehabilitation revolution

Reform should not come at the expense of inmates or prison workers, argues Eddie Ford

Thuggery at 'Marxism'

Claire Fisher reports on a disturbing outbreak of thuggery at Marxism 2010 - and Zuri Zurowski continues the story


Howard Roak reports on another cracking week for our annual fundraising campaign

Weekly Worker 825 is also available in PDF format