World politics, long waves and the decline of capitalism

Are we facing a new 'long slump' like the 1930s or is the recent financial crisis merely a blip in a larger picture of capitalist expansion? And how does the decline of capitalism fit into the picture? Mike Macnair examines the issues

Arthur Bough’s letters (December 10 and December 18 2009), and his fuller version of the argument of these letters on his blog[1], reveal a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of the CPGB’s discussion on the issues of the economic crisis.

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Stalinist response; Conference call; Rape reinvented ; Misandrism; Veracity; Globalise; The knowledge; Offshoots; Green turn; Way forward


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Apocalypse: cop-out or engagement

Jim Moody reviews 'The day of the Triffids' (BBC1, December 28-29, Roland Emmerich (director), 2012 general release; Nick Copus (director)

Blind, dumb logic of capitalism

James Turley reviews Mark Bould's and China Miéville's new book 'Red planets: Marxism and science fiction' (Pluto, 2009, pp293, £19.99)

The underwear bomber and detonating Yemen

With Yemen the latest target, Eddie Ford looks at the bankruptcy of the 'war on terror'

Coming out for Wales

In 2010 we might just see a sporting world where homosexuality is at least less of a taboo, and for this we must thank Alfie Thomas, writes Ben Lewis

Theocracy threatens bloodbath as mass movement grows

Iranian workers are one the offensive, reports Chris Strafford

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