Saving culture from capitalism

The dispute over cuts in Arts Council funding demonstrates the baleful influence of capitalism on culture, argues James Turley

You know the establishment has got something vastly wrong when Joanna Lumley comes perilously close to advocating workers’ control - but there she was, in an Observer spread (January 13), quoted as saying “We in the theatre should be setting the targets. We don’t want apparatchiks appearing with boxes saying, ‘Have you thought of this or this?’ Every theatre or dance or music organisation should be run by the people who understand it, not by managers.”

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Internationalist; Class distinction; Priorities; Honoured; Red-green; Fair booze for all; Wake up; Potter on Popper

Fighting Unions: Not much 'organising'

Dave Isaacson reports on the NW day school-cum-rally last Saturday

Epic film

Chris Strafford reviews Warren Beatty's Reds (Paramount DVD, 186 minutes, �19.99)

Defence of 'western interests'

Hopi's Yassamine Mather trounces Nick Cohen in debate, reports Mark Fischer

No respect for socialist principle

The story of Respect is nearing its end. Peter Manson looks back at the saga of SWP opportunism. This article was originally commissioned by the Russian journal Levaya Politika (Left Politics)

Treaty of Lisbon and a workers' Europe

In the name of democracy and internationalism, Mike Macnair argues against calls for a referendum

Bush rushes to bail out system

Jim Moody highlights some of the problems brewing for the world capitalist economy

Too enigmatic?

Mike Belbin reviews Joel and Ethan Coen's No country for old men - on general release

For a fighting, democratic NUS

Communist Students member Chris Strafford is standing for the NUS executive 'block of 12'. This is his election manifesto

Fudge in the coffee shop

Ken Crisp looks at the failure of the left to agree a united slate for elections to the NUS executive

Fighting fund


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