Chavez suffers major constitutional setback

While the defeat of the Venezuelan referendum has re-energised the right, Chavez's constitutional proposals were, despite his claims to the contrary, not designed to empower workers, writes Nick Rogers

On Sunday December 2 Hugo Chavez suffered his first ever electoral setback when proposed changes to the Venezuela's constitution were narrowly defeated. Chavez may only have lost the referendum by 200,000 votes, but for a politician used to majorities in excess of 60%, the rejection may mark a turning point in the course of the 'Bolivarian revolution'.

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Self-abuse; Pathetic; Social equality; Distinction; Travesty; Principled; People or state?

Shaky SACP tries to steer ANC

Next week the African National Congress holds its conference, where president Thabo Mbeki is being challenged for the leadership by Jacob Zuma, who is supported by a faction of the South African Communist Party. South African socialist Terry Bell looks at the financial problems of the SACP and the party's role within the ANC

Debating the rules

How Hopi's constitution was discussed

What regime, what alternative?

Overview of the discussion over the motions proposed to conference

Support soldiers who want out

The war in Iraq and the threat to Iran are class issues, writes Cliff Slaughter, a supporter of Movement for Socialism. The anti-war movement needs to go beyond bigger demonstrations

Hegel reloaded?

James Turley reviews: Sebastian Budgen Stathis Kouvelakis, Slavoj Zizek (eds) Lenin reloaded: toward a politics of truth Durham, 2007, pp334, £12.99

Rank and file reassured

Dave Vincent, secretary of the Greater Manchester ministry of justice PCS branch, reports on the December 8 conference of PCS Left Unity

Sanctions: a form of 'soft' war and preparation for massive bombing

December 8 saw the launch conference of Hands Off the People of Iran - an open and democratic anti-war campaign in solidarity with the peoples of Iran. Chris Strafford reports on this important conference

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