Two Respects, two dead ends

John Rees has achieved what he set out to do in provoking a split, writes Peter Manson. But it is a pyrrhic victory, leaving the SWP more isolated than ever

The split could not be more absolute. Just six weeks after Respect's national council unanimously agreed a series of measures to end the divisions and Chris Bambery denied in Socialist Worker that the 'unity coalition' was facing any crisis, let alone its "imminent demise", there are now two rival Respects.

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Badge of honour; Hopi hatchet; Only fair; Manners; Irrelevant; Clarification; Anti-semitism; Kiwi repression

HOPI - Meetings and events

For realism, for humanity

What is the Marxist method? Hillel Ticktin looks at the main features. This is the first of three articles

Musharraf's gamble

State of emergency in Pakistan: the left needs flexible tactics, says Jim Moody

Not confused about Iran in Scotland

Hands Off the People of Iran held a successful teach-in in Glasgow on November 3. Marcila Gharib reports

Lies cannot stop imperialists

In her speech to the October 27 conference of the Stop the War Coalition, Somaye Zadeh of Campaign Iran tried to counter the imperialist lies about the Tehran regime with misinformation of her own. Yassamine Mather insists upon the truth

Ditch the strategic illusion

Pro-Tehran apologetics in the Stop the War Coalition represents a kind of nostalgia for the 'anti-imperialist front', writes Mike Macnair

National fetishes

It is that time of year when almost every public figure wears a plastic poppy, to commemorate the casualties of war. James Turley inquires into the roots and role of this practice

Zoological determinism

Gerry Downing takes a closer look at the latest musings of George Monbiot

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