No imperialist intervention

George Bush and Gordon Brown have been shedding crocodile tears over Burma. But should we demand that they intervene to sort things out? Jim Moody argues that the masses themselves are the solution

The 49 million population of Burma (officially the Union of Myanmar) have lived under military dictatorships for the past 45 years. In recent weeks it has become abundantly clear that the mass of the people no longer want to be ruled in the old way. But protests fronted by buddhist monks have shown their limitations. Last weekend the military racked up its response. Soldiers fired into crowds. Protesters were beaten, arrested and killed. Militant monks were confined to their monasteries or carted off back to their home villages.

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UCU debate closed down

Moshé Machover's article was written in 2005, before the Association of University Teachers and the National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education merged, in June 2006, to form the University and College Union. The UCU's inaugural congress in May 2007 carried a motion agreeing to circulate a call to boycott Israeli academic institutions and to encourage members to debate it. But on September 28 the UCU leadership, pleading 'legal advice', declared that any such boycott, and even the proposal to debate it, would be 'unlawful'. This letter of protest was sent to The Guardian, but has not been published

Ungreen American

Environmentalists around the world were less than impressed by president George Bush's speech at the major economies' meeting on energy, security and climate change last week. Simon Wells comments

Vying for support

Communist Students, the militant student group sponsored by the CPGB, is now one year old. Benjamin Klein reports on its growing strength

Straw men and solitary revolution

The 'high modernism v improvisation' debate represents a false dichotomy, writes Wieland Hoban

Rights and wrongs

A boycott of Israeli academe should target institutions, not individuals, argues Moshe Machover

I've had enough

Nick Bird reports on the SWP party council and announces his resignation from the organisation

Tell it like it is

The CPGB has been much criticised over its willingness to use the enemy's media and its insistence on defending free speech. Jack Conrad explains why communists should stand against censorship and strive to expose opportunism

Looking for pastures new

As the SWP leadership poses left in order to prepare the membership for a future without Respect, Peter Manson calls upon the rank and file to rebel from the left

Labour left at sea

Confusion rules after the Labour conference in Bournemouth, writes Dave Isaacson

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