More questions than answers

The Alliance for Workers' Liberty minority must recognise the pro-imperialist logic of the majority's silence on the occupation of Iraq, argues Mark Fischer

It seems that some gentle polemical prodding at the Alliance for Workers' Liberty on the question of Iraq has produced results (see my article in Weekly Worker June 28). The majority of this organisation has a political line that will not countenance the demand for imperialist troops being forced out of Iraq. The milksop-minority opposition to this - which actually won the support of just short of 50% of the AWL conference in May - argues that, while the slogan for troops out is legitimate and necessary, to insist that this is an immediate, unconditional demand is, essentially, irresponsible sloganeering.

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More pro-capitalist than ever

Jim Moody comments on Gordon Brown's 'ministry of all the talents'

Will Alex show?

Steve Cooke reports on the latest news from the Hands Off the People of Iran campaign

Plaid Cymru's left collapses

Last week Plaid Cymru's left AMs voted to support the 'One Wales' document that now seems likely to form the basis of a Labour-Plaid coalition government in the Welsh assembly over the next four years. Bob Davies reports

Petrol rationing sparks protests

After months of hesitation and delay, Iran's islamic rulers this week gave a two-hour warning before imposing fuel rationing for private vehicles. Yassamine Mather comments

Dublin 1916 and the 'blood sacrifice'

Philip Ferguson gives his view on some common criticisms of James Connolly

Proposition number one and one-dimensional Marxism

The SWP leadership has jumped on the 'stop climate change' bandwagon. But, argues Jack Conrad, if they want to be taken seriously the first thing for them to do is to reformulate their proposition one

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