Solidarity with Iran needs a fight on two fronts

Last week, tens of thousands of Iranian teachers went on strike, demanding an increase in their miserable wages and the resignation of the education minister. In Tehran over a thousand were arrested. Tina Becker also reports on the efforts of the Hands Off the People of Iran campaign to get more organisations involved

The Iranian teachers' strike received widespread solidarity from the workers' movement internationally. There were many resolutions and emails. This is very much welcomed by comrades in Iran. It gives courage and shows that they are not alone. Although most of those arrested in Tehran were released on the same day, the state's crackdown was meant as a warning sign to the growing democratic movement in Iran.

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Stages, not stageism

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group defends of his theory of 'permanent democratic revolution'

Step up pressure on union lefts to get John McDonnell on the ballot

If John McDonnell's name were to appear on the ballot paper to decide the Labour Party's new leader, that would bring with it the possibility of revitalising the entire left. However, thanks in large part to the cowardice of the left union bureaucrats, not enough Labour MPs have come under pressure to nominate him, says Jim Moody

Cross-class alliances endanger the struggle against Mugabe

The past week has seen a stepping up of imperialist propaganda against the regime of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, especially in the US and UK. But what is the situation on the ground? Peter Manson spoke to Mike Sambo, national coordinator of the International Socialist Organisation Zimbabwe

New star recruit Tafazzal Hussain: businessman

Peter Manson on the former Lib Dem council candidate Tafazzal Hussain, who has just joined Respect

Sparks, flashes and damp squibs

Andrew Coates reviews Nick Cohen's What's left? How liberals lost their way (Fourth Estate, 2007, pp400, £12.99)

Tory resurgence and the left

Eddie Ford on the re-branding of the 'nasty party'

Debate SWP won't have

The March 20 'people's assembly', billed by the Stop the War Coalition as "the debate parliament won't have", was, of course, nothing of the sort. Phil Kent reports

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