Heads in the sand

Yassamine Mather reports on the Stop the War Coalition's Scottish conference - which missed the opportunity to seriously discuss the question of Iran

The February 10 Scottish conference of the Stop the War Coalition was an ideal opportunity to discuss the current issues facing the movement. There could have been a debate on the implications of the current quagmire in Iraq for US-UK troops. Papers could have been presented to inform and educate activists on the current state of play in the Middle East, on the economic and political situation in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria "¦ The threat of an attack on Iran could have been analysed and the best ways of showing solidarity with the Iranian people could have been discussed.

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One step forward, no steps back

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group outlines his theory of 'democratic permanent revolution'

Thieves at large

Jim Moody analyses Royal Mail's decision to exclude new staff from schemes that ensure a retirement payout based on a percentage of a member's final salary

Black face for White House?

'Official anti-racism' has provoked a dialogue over whether the US is ready for a black president. Martin Schreader examines the 'Obama phenomenon', which has caused such confusion among many on the left

Let them eat shit

What does the outbreak of avian flu in Suffolk teach us about capitalist factory farming? Eddie Ford outlines a communist alternative

Soundtracks for the new American century

Gordon Downie listened to BBC Radio's Three Composer of the week (John Adams), February 9

Choosing the butcher

With the presidential elections looming and the two mainstream candidates neck and neck, France's establishment looks set to take another step towards its goal of establishing a stable, two-party system. Peter Manson looks at the failure of the left to provide an alternative

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