Time for politics

Peter Manson reports from the September 23 'Time to go' demonstration in Manchester

'Time to go' was the theme of the September 23 demonstration in Manchester, scene of this week's Labour Party annual conference. Of course, this phrase has recently been used in reference to the occupation of Iraq (and had been criticised by ourselves for that reason - when was it not the time for UK troops to leave?), but the Stop the War Coalition leadership have taken great delight in directing it at Tony Blair himself. A case of killing two pigeons with one stone.

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Hedge bets; Conference joke; Confusion; Frightened; Sectarian split; A nobody; PC politics; Horrible outfits; Elitism

A good beginning

Ted North explains what Communist Students, the newly established national organisation sponsored by the CPGB, has been up to

Only democracy can fully meet needs

The National Health Service is unsafe in New Labour hands, says Jim Moody

Build support for McDonnell

As the Labour Party conference comes to an end, Graham Bash of Labour Left Briefing calls for the leadership contest to be linked to the fight for a fundamental change of direction

The power of reason and the market

Simon Wells is not impressed by the market solutions to climate change advocated by Al Gore in Davis Guggenheim's film An inconvenient truth

100 years hard labour?

Mike Macnair reviews Graham Bash and Andrew Fisher: 100 years of Labour (London 2006, pp80, £4). Available from www.100yearsoflabour.net

The science of Marxism

Is scientific objectivity compromised by a subordination to the interests of the international working class? Chris Knight examines the issues

Anti-CPGB ritual?

The CPGB's motions to Respect conference have again been ruled out of order - before being accepted after protest. Mark Fischer reports

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