Need more

Howard Roak reports on the latest development in the party's fundraising drive

By the time this paper lands on most comrades' mats (or, more likely, their virtual mats), the good news is that we should have edged over £12k for this year's Summer Offensive, our annual fundraising push.

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Stalinist?; Implacable?; SWP ‘theory’; Apologist; Series win; Free detainees

Two nations, Two secular states

It is not enough to demand an end to the Israeli assault on Lebanon and a vague 'justice for the Palestinians', says Peter Manson. The left and anti-war movement as a whole must be won to a fully democratic solution

Different roads to unity

Should 'one state, one party' be applied to Britain in current political circumstances? Bob Goupillot of the Republican Communist Network (Scotland) and the Scottish Socialist Party argues that the unity of the working class can at present best be served by a separate party for Scotland

Come back and fight (and vote)

John McDonnell's decision to contest the Labour leadership opens up opportunities for the left, writes Graham Bash of Labour Left Briefing

Soldier of the legion of the rear guard

Liam O Ruairc reviews Robert W White's Ruairi à“ Brádaigh: the life and politics of an Irish revolutionary, Indiana 2006, pp412, £18.99

Sleaze is back

But, argues Mike Macnair, it never really went away

Defending national socialism is not Marxism

Jack Conrad begins an extensive reply to Bob Goupillot with an examination of the principle of 'one state, one party' and its history

SWP apologetics for reactionary anti-imperialism

Eddie Ford comments on Socialist Worker's recent coverage of the unfolding situation in Somalia

High on rhetoric, low on solutions

Tina Becker reports on the Stop the War Coalition's July 17 conference on the situation in the Middle East

Need more

Howard Roak reports on the latest development in the party's fundraising drive

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