Funding a left revival

Mark Fischer sets the scene for the CPGB's Summer Offensive 2006

On one level, the leadership of the Communist Party has been quite conservative in the targets it has set for this year's Summer Offensive, our annual two-month fundraising drive. At its meeting on May 21, the Provisional Central Committee agreed (subject to ratification by our members' aggregate on May 28) to set this year's collective target at £30,000 - the same as 2005 - and also to leave the minimum individual targets for members and candidate members unchanged (other comrades are free to contribute at whatever level they feel they can).

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Clear red water and the CNWP

The first steering committee meeting of the Campaign for a New Workers' Party took place on Saturday May 20, writes Anne Mc Shane. The meeting showed that, much to its dismay, the Socialist Party has only the left groups for company

Virtues and vices

Jack Conrad pays tribute to the role of the CPGB in 1926. But as well as heroism there were limitations

Will the Socialist Alliance fight?

The weakness of the left has been highlighted by the local election results in England, writes Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group. What kind of party is needed to overcome this?

Political consciousness and international unity

What is the link between national and international revolution? What is the role of the workers' international? Mike Macnair continues his series on communist strategy

Manufacturing royal consent

Gordon Downie takes a look at the May 20 concert of the 'Prince's Trust'

From Star wars to library wars

Lawrence Parker reports on what looks like a new factional war in the Morning Star's Communist Party of Britain over the Marx Memorial Library

SAV moves towards WASG split

Tina Becker reports from the May 20 gathering of the so-called 'left' opposition in the German WASG - which was dominated not by socialist ideas, but conservatism and sectarianism

Funding a left revival

Mark Fischer sets the scene for the CPGB's Summer Offensive 2006

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