Towards a common Socialist Alliance programme

A discussion contribution submitted by the Communist Party of Great Britain

Our Socialist Alliance conference on March 10 is to debate policy. Quite rightly, preparatory work began in mid-January. Yet it should be freely admitted that things started far too late. After all, virtually everyone expects a May 3 general election.

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Dogmatic; Tailism; Hate figures; CPGB idiots

Vauxhall fightback

Start made

CWI crisis

Distortion and misrepresentation Weekly Worker (January 18) carried the Committee for a Workers' International press release responding to the International Socialist Movement split from them. Here we publish the forthright reply in which the ISM also rounds on Hannah Sell

East London

Good and bad

Rail nationalisation campaign

Take control

Scottish Socialist Party conference

Control over SWP

Vauxhall and the political alternative

Learning from Thatcher Text of speech made by comrade Steve Freeman to the Bedfordshire Socialist Alliance

For an SA paper

Welsh Socialist Alliance conference

Changed balance of balances

Socialist Party

'Damaged' by principled criticism As previously reported, long-standing Socialist Party member Harry Paterson lost his appeal against expulsion (see Weekly Worker November 16). The SP's appeals board has finally produced this report of its November 11 hearing

Brent and Harrow

Anne McShane to fight Boateng

Party and programme

Paul Le Blanc - Lenin and the revolutionary party - Humanities Press, 1993, pp417


Sullen SP still on board

Rail nationalisation campaign

Take control


Building solidarity

Weekly Worker 368 is also available in PDF format