New alliance against Iran

In response to Trump’s ever more bellicose anti-Iran campaign, Putin has strengthened Russia’s links with the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis of resistance. The world is getting ever more dangerous, warns Yassamine Mather

Last year, when Donald Trump was elected US president, old-order defenders of imperialism were telling the citizens of poor third-world countries run by dictators that the ‘checks and balances’ in the wonderful democracy that is the US will stop Trump’s mad policies from becoming reality.

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Trotsky wood; Lars and Jack; Sorry end; Full house; Statement; Racist; Back ’em up; Something real

Mafia politics sway vote

Toby Abse analyses the significance of the Sicilian election results earlier this month

Floundering in wake of Corbynism

Peter Manson takes a look at the SWP’s second pre-conference bulletin and the poverty of thought

Poststructuralism and decline

Rex Dunn argues that sexism within the left is not the root cause for the rise of political correctness and identity politics

Capitalist hell

Mike Macnair reviews: William Clare Roberts, Marx’s inferno: the political theory of capital, Princeton 2017, pp282, £21.40

Production for production’s sake

Optimism over Bonn and COP23 is misplaced, writes Simon Wells

Protecting the northern flank

The right’s grip on the Scottish Labour Party is starting to slip, writes Paul Demarty. But there is a long way to go

Records falling

Robbie Rix congratulates our readers, and thanks one in particular

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