A tale of two cities

Yassamine Mather contrasts media coverage of Mosul and East Aleppo

According to the respected journalist Patrick Cockburn, "Compare the coverage of Mosul and East Aleppo and it tells you a lot about the propaganda we consume. In both Syria and Iraq two large Sunni Arab urban centres - East Aleppo in Syria and Mosul in Iraq - are being besieged by pro-government forces strongly supported by foreign airpower. In East Aleppo, some 250,000 civilians and 8,000 insurgents are under attack by the Syrian Army allied to Shia paramilitaries from Iran, Iraq and Lebanon and supported by the Russian and Syrian air forces."

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Infallibility; No prizes; Bowdlerised; Respect; Alternative

Criticise, don’t boycott

Some on the left still want to boycott the Socialist Workers Party - and they are still wrong, argues Paul Demarty

Fake democracy, bad theory

Peter Manson looks at the contents of the Socialist Workers Party's first pre-conference bulletin.

The roots of 1917

Eric Blanc re-examines the perspectives on the state and revolution advocated by the early Karl Kautsky and revolutionary social democrats across the tsarist empire

Disaffiliation by stealth

We should be fighting the methods of the Labour bureaucracy, not adopting them, writes LPM secretary Stan Keable

Right to choose now

Irish women must emulate the militancy of their sisters in Poland, writes Anne McShane

Who is the real Theresa May?

The prime minister will probably go for an early general election, writes Eddie Ford - Brexit troubles lie ahead

Not misplaced

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