Origin of language lies in song

Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group examines one of science’s most intriguing unsolved problems. This is an edited transcript of a talk given to Communist University in August 2015

Jerome Lewis is that rare thing: an anthropologist who has had years of experience conducting fieldwork with a group of hunter-gatherers in the Congo. He has become especially interested in the way the Bayaka forest people sing and he argues that their polyphonic singing is an expression of their egalitarianism, their communistic way of life.

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PSC cowardice; Back to cold war; Marxist borders; Imposition; Under the bed; Untimely death

Not a lot has changed

Rex Dunn reviews: Hamid Ismailov The underground Restless Books, 2015, pp279, £10.99

Open for business

Who will gain most from the lifting of sanctions? Yassamine Mather reports on the latest deals

The impending global recession

Blaming China is a diversion, argues Michael Roberts. The USA is still key

Politics and organisation

The CPGB AGM looked back at the past year and forward to our current tasks. Mike Copestake reports

£399 needed in three days

Robbie Rix is starting to panic

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