Stay as money, face death as capital

How can capital extricate itself from crisis? Hillel Ticktin argues that it has no solution

This is the 10th year since the financial crisis that began in the United States with a banking crisis in relation to mortgages in June-July 2006.

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Step up solidarity

The rapprochement between the Tehran regime and the west ushers in a challenging new period, writes Mark Fischer of Hands Off the People of Iran

Missiles and meetings

Paul Demarty asks if the Labour left can press home its advantage

Drowning in oil

The capitalist world economy is fast slowing down. Investors and central bankers worry about a catastrophic crisis. Meanwhile, asks Eddie Ford, does Venezuela’s oil-reliant Bolivarian revolution face its nemesis.

Things don’t look good

Peter Manson reports on last weekend’s shambolic London members aggregate

Making inroads into power of capital

We should support all measures facilitating an accumulation of productive capital, thereby placing workers in the most favourable position, argues Arthur Bough

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