Colonialism and the natives

Moshé Machover begins an examination of the Israel-Palestine conflict by looking back at controversies in the Second International

The Zionist colonisation of Palestine, ongoing since the turn of the 20th century, has engendered a conflict with exceptional features. In essence it is a clash between settlers and the indigenous inhabitants whom the former continually seek to uproot and displace.2 But - uniquely among such conflicts - it has assumed the form of a binary confrontation between two discrete national groups that have crystallised in and through this asymmetric collision: a Hebrew settler nation and a single indigenous Palestinian Arab people.3 I would like to put forward a socialist view of how this complex conjunction of a two-sided national problem and a colonial-type problem may be resolved.

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A contested Jesus

Respect the longevity of Christianity, but, says Jack Conrad, separate myth from reality

Using any stick, using any trick

Eddie Ford welcomes Jeremy Corbyn’s defence of the Stop the War Coalition

The great escape

As a line is drawn under the phone-hacking scandal, William Kane looks at the lessons

Price of insubordination

David Douglass mourns the death of coal as a defeat of the working class

Only one path to socialism

Translation of Grigorii Zinoviev’s review of Path to power

Here’s to 2016

Robbie Rix wonders what Santa will bring this year

Peace out, man

The response of young people to the government’s decision to bomb Syria came as a welcome surprise to Commissaress

Learn the lessons of Syriza

What will the weekend bring for Podemos? Tom Munday and Ana Ibarruri comment on the likely outcome of the general election

Capital’s economic Nato

Ferdi De Ville and Gabriel Siles-Brügge The truth about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, Polity, 2015, pp160, £12.99

A perfectly ordinary, highly instructive document

Lars T Lih introduces Zinoviev’s review of Kautsky’s 1909 book, Path to power

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